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Products & Services

Unicom offer unified business solutions. Consolidate your business communications and get impeccable support whilst saving money.

Some words from our clients

“I am very impressed with how your team has worked with us and looking forward to using your services again in the very near future.”
“Not only did we get the service we wanted but they guided us moving forward with inspiring support and i must say……..you have the patience of a saint!”
“Unicom is a joy to work with and they made my online store setup an easy experience. Professional from start to finish.”
“When i think of Unicom i think of two things…Everything i need and support when i need it!”
“If its technical then Unicom will be able to help. We now use Unicom for all our business communications and happy to recommend them to anyone.”
“The Unicom Tracking System is second to none and a great return of investment”
“We have had at least a 40% increase in productivity since having the GPS tracking fitted.”
“Mobile eForms has streamlined our everyday processes. Every business out there can benefit from this clever application.”
“We are hugely grateful to Unicom and can’t begin to thank them enough for all their patience, wise council, good humour and support.”
“Our website was dated and having the opposite effect to our visitors, now it drives our sales and we’ve never been so busy. This is all down to you and we thank you for it!”

Unify your technology – Get connected!


What is Unified Communications? Instead of maintaining standalone solutions such as landlines, mobiles and IT resources from multiple providers – you obtain it from one provider.


Reducing the number of suppliers provides a faster, more agile communications structure. Unicom offers a fully account managed service that is more efficient and supremely cost-effective.


Unicom provide a logical way of working – you take the methods of communication and collaboration that perform best for your business and integrate them, all supported by one provider.


Unicom  has a vast portfolio of services for your business to communicate more effectively. That’s why we consider our offering to be above that of other providers in terms of innovation and provision.


Unite your technology – Desktop PC, laptop, mobile or tablet and collaborate using instant messaging, voice calling, video, desktop sharing, and conferencing. Get connected and work smarter.

We’re here to help your business blast off!

Through creative ideas, innovation & sheer determination