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The security of your data is our top priority

Server security
We take the security of your data very seriously and follow best practise procedures to secure our servers, including:
• Use of fire-walling on sensitive services such as databases.
• 256bit SSL data encryption of all data going between You and Unicom Corporate, and when Unicom Corporate backs up Your data.
• Timely installation of software security patches.
• Use of strong passwords.

Security monitoring
The Unicom Corporate team continuously monitors security systems, event logs, notifications and alerts from all systems to identify and manage threats.

Availability of the Service
Unicom Corporate uses multiple redundancy technologies for its hardware, networks, data centres and infrastructure to ensure it maintains uptime of the Service. We provide 24x7x365 coverage to detect incidents and to manage the impact and resolution.

Disaster Recovery and backup procedures
Unicom Corporate takes a snapshot of all customer data on a nightly basis after 11.00pm. Once all data has been dumped it is transferred to a secure off-site storage facility for archive storage.
Unicom Corporate aims to have a minimum of 7 daily snapshot backups available at all times for disaster recovery purposes.

Access to information
Only Unicom Corporate personnel have access to customer data within the servers with only the minimum number of people necessary having access to this data, and it is restricted to senior engineering personnel.
In some cases it may be necessary to grant access to external vendors for support purposes, however, all access is monitored by senior engineering personnel.