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“Imagine a video surveillance system that can be operated and managed in a web-browser, from anywhere the internet reaches”

Taking CCTV to the next level

Unicom’s Hosted Cloud Video service will turn any standard webcam or IP camera from brands such as Axis, Foscam and others into a powerful, easy-to-use video monitoring system that you can access from anywhere and is a simple, no-contract service making video monitoring accessible to home and small business owners everywhere. Explore our features below and see how you can easily setup high quality video monitoring in just a few steps.

CCTV without the hassle

A hosted monitoring and recording system centrally managed and distributed to you by a secure Cloud based CCTV service. With an internet connection and a network camera being the only requirements, you can enjoy a trouble-free monitoring solution over the internet. Live view, recordings and notifications directly in your browser – No need for system software as all the maintenance and storage are handled by the Hosted Cloud Video service.

Cloud Storage

Store your critical surveillance footage safely off-site in the cloud for up to 90 days. No more complex on-site hardware and you will have a single location to manage your recorded media.

Open Platform

Use the cameras you want. Our platform is designed to work with the largest number of cameras possible including Axis, D-Link, Foscam, Sony, Webcams and more.


Access your cloud storage through our beautifully designed Timeline feature. All your media is organized by camera in an intuitive view that can be filtered by date and time.

Mobile Apps

Access your cloud cameras, storage and account settings from anywhere with our Mobile apps, available for Apple and Android mobile devices.

Edge Storage

Integrate local storage options, including SD card and Network Attached Storage (NAS). This ensures any loss of internet then events will still be captured locally and can be reviewed within your cloud apps.

Camera Health Check

The system will tell you when there’s a problem with one of your cameras. If our cloud servers can’t connect to your camera, you’ll receive an alert that something could be wrong.


Take advantage of our advanced cloud notification system that will work across all connected cameras. Camera Health Check and motion alerts are centrally managed and sent to your mobile device or email.


Do you need to grant account access to employees or family members? Easily add them as a user while restricting their account access and what cameras they can view, with limited account privileges.

Camera Labels

Do you have a large number of cameras that need to be organized? Add labels to your camera so you can filter your views and restrict guest user access by label.


Since the service is cloud-based, you can connect cameras from unlimited number of physical locations,
all while organising cameras through our intuitive label feature.


There are five monthly plans available to choose from with no setup fees or minimum term contracts. Customers can change their tariff once per month – Prices stated are per camera per month and excluding VAT

7 Day Storage

£ 999 per camera/month
  • 7 Days Cloud Video Storage
  • Unlimited Live Viewing
  • Free Mobile App
  • SSL Encryption

14 Day Storage

£1299per camera/month
  • 14 Days Cloud Video Storage
  • Unlimited Live Viewing
  • Free Mobile App
  • SSL Encryption

30 Day Storage

£1699per camera/month
  • 30 Days Cloud Video Storage
  • Unlimited Live Viewing
  • Free Mobile App
  • SSL Encryption

60 Day Storage

£2499per camera/month
  • 60 Days Cloud Video Storage
  • Unlimited Live Viewing
  • Free Mobile App
  • SSL Encryption

90 Day Storage

£3299per camera/month
  • 90 Days Cloud Video Storage
  • Unlimited Live Viewing
  • Free Mobile App
  • SSL Encryption
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What Client’s Say

“We are so glad we chose Unicom. The service we receive is fantastic with quick responses and no fuss. The cloud based CCTV system is so easy to use, it can be mastered in very little time.”
“We required Cloud based recording for our existing CCTV system – Unicom not only provided the solution but developed and integrated everything better than we ever imagined.”
“What we love about Unicom is how easy it is to get good pre-sales advice and after-sales care. We deal with the same account manager every time….a pleasure to deal with.”

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