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Fleet Management: You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

Unicom GPS Tracking System is the one of the most reliable, scalable and comprehensive fleet management solutions currently available and is being used by customers in several countries to improve their fleet operations, asset utilisation and driver safety with GPS software that scales to fleets of all sizes.

It’s features will help to increase productivity while reducing labour and fuel costs by giving business owners a detailed understanding of their vehicle activities.

Real-time tracking on powerful mapping

The system provides a rich and user-friendly interface to track vehicles on powerful mapping while obtaining real-time status information quickly. Several innovative tools allow you to search for a vehicle, calculate the expected time of arrival and play back the historical data to get a detailed view of your fleet status. Spatial clustering allow fleet managers to see an entire fleet of vehicles on one screen and drill down to a single vehicle with high loading speed.

Fleet status overview

View the status of all your vehicles on one screen

Satellite or hybrid mapping

Change the mapping style in a single click

Live traffic updates

Real-time traffic updates as it happens

Alerts & Driver Performance Indication

This system helps you gain valuable business insight with its real-time alerting for idling, speeding, stoppage and maintenance. It allows you to enter business rules and receive notifications of violations so you can control your business without spending a lot of time browsing over reports or clicking on maps. Alerts can be defined on: Vehicle idle time, speeding, late starts, engine over-time and service/tax/MOT Dates. 


Remote immobilise vehicles

Immobilise your vehicles engine directly from our system

Search for closest vehicle

Find closest vehicle to a specific location/postcode

Job despatch platform

Create and allocate jobs to your workers / vehicles

Powerful automated reports

Includes a flexible reporting engine with a full suite of reports, ranging from a quick summary to a very detailed and high level minute by minute journey report. Run reports by vehicle, fleet, and driver or based on a location. All are generated in an easy-to-read format that can be printed, saved or exported to any standard document formats (Excel, PDF, Word, XML etc). Most reports allow you to jump to the detailed map view in one click; you can also save your setup for one-click reporting.

Quick status screen

Snapshot of all vehicles and current location / status

Advanced reports dashboard

Easily produce historical reports on vehicles

ETA tool built-in

Estimated time of arrival tool built-in

Those are just a few features. There are plenty more reasons too!

  • Web based interface

  • Minute by minute live tracking

  • Geofencing facility

  • Points of interest

  • Quick view journey replay

  • Historic reports

  • Fuel monitoring

  • Vehicle database for service/MOT dates

  • Live message alerts

  • Remote Immobiliser

  • Panic Button

  • Driver Identification

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Remote door lock/unlock

  • Door/trailer open alerts

  • PTO (Power Take Off) integration

  • Schedule immobiliser / PTO activity

  • PTO alerts and reports

  • Increase productivity

  • Improved utilisation

  • Lower fuel bills

  • Reduction in unnecessary overtime

  • Audit of travel and time on site

  • Private Vs Business mileage

  • Duty of care compliance

  • Automated service notification

  • Reduce insurance costs/claims


We understand that long term contracts are unattractive and we prefer to let the service speak for itself. We are confident you will be happy with our system and thats why we provide the service on a simple month by month agreement with no minimum term contracts in conjunction with transparent pricing for everyone. Simply choose one of the options below:


£1000per month
  • £249.99 upfront purchase
  • No minimum term
  • Cancel anytime


£10000per year
  • £249.99 upfront purchase
  • Includes 12 months service
  • Cancel anytime


£1320from per month
  • No upfront purchase
  • 2-5 year terms
  • Easy fixed payments
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